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Fashion and Furniture Layered Polka Dots



I’m sure you are tired of us up here in Minnesota talking about the “supposed” impending arrival of Spring, but when we wake up to giant snowflakes and cold temperatures in March we are left to wonder if it will ever come. Most of us Midwest fashion-followers love spring and fall as they allow us to wear our ¬†layers without having to suit-up in North Face floor-length coats that make us look like stuffed sleeping bags. Think leather jackets, fur vests, and no long underwear.

Spring is the perfect time to layer cute outwear with summer-like pieces, such as these darling polka-dot shorts paired with not one, but two jackets. Polka dots tend to be more of a summer pattern, but when paired with luxurious fabrics such as leather, or in the case of the living room, knits, they can easily feel a bit more cold-weather appropriate.

Fear not, polka dots are not just for kids. Smaller polka dots in more neutral patterns are definitely chic and are a fun way to add some pattern into your wardrobe or interior space. You can incorporate polka dots into your space with a fun upholstered chair, pillows, accessories, or even rugs. Check out our Pinterest board dedicated to all things polka dots!

Polka dots are a bit unexpected especially in interior design, which is why we love them. You won’t see this pattern in every house and you have to be a bit daring to steer away from more traditional patterns. We just love how the soft neutrals and greenery make this space welcoming.

What do you think? Would you incorporate polka dots into your interior style?