Food + Furniture // Twist on Traditional

Food and Furniture: Twist on TraditionalIt is no secret that interiors are moving towards a more transitional feel, with sleeker lines and lighter colors. With that being said, there is always room for traditional elements in any room. The term “transitional” simply denotes a combination of modern and traditional. We often see more traditional pieces covered in fun fabrics, or mixed in with more modern accessories.

Take, for example, this dining room. The table, bench, and metal chairs are more modern, while the host and hostess chairs have a more traditional feel. The mix of aesthetics makes for  a more inviting feel, and without the oversize end chairs the space may feel cold.

Our recipe this week is also a twist on a traditional staple: chili. The base is traditional white chicken chili but it is updated with cilantro and salsa verde for a fresher taste.

Traditional decor never goes out of style, but it certainly can be updated to fit your taste and your space. And we can’t wait to try the spring soup- luckily it is still chilly enough up here in the Midwest to warrant making soup!

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