Love, Grey, Sale!


Have just celebrated Valentine’s Day, the steamy release of ’50 Shades of Grey,’ and our current bedroom sale, we have that area behind closed doors on our mind! While bedrooms are one of the most personal spaces in a home, they can also be one of the hardest rooms for furnish! Bedrooms are all about revealing your personal side, your own sense of style, not just what is trendy. With that in mind, we would love to share a few of our suggestions on how to make your personal retreat your new favorite room in the house!

  • Don’t be afraid to have a little fun by combining! Use various sizes of patterns through out the space to add a little funk. Use a large print on the bed linens and utilize some smaller accent pieces in bright colors for an added pop! Think of it as a little spice, without an all out commitment!
  • Add layers through tones and textures! Being such a personal space, your bedroom should speak to your story and your many dimensions. (That doesn’t mean clutter and randomness, just a nice sense of variety). Mix and match end tables in the same tone, even out lamp heights with some great books or magazines, throw your favorite quilt over the headboard for a change, and add some fun pillows in the same color family on the bed or bedside chair.
  • Use soft lighting! While a higher wattage blub is needed in a dressing area or vanity, use a lower watt bulb for your bedside lamps. The soft lighting will be enough to read but dim enough to allow your mind to relax.

After a long day of work (or play), retreating to your personal space should be comfortable and relaxing. Follow your guy instinct and do what works for you!