Pantone Color of the Year – 2015


Some of us may recognize Marsala as a great cooking wine or even as a tasty chicken entrée, but this year, it’s time to get comfortable with using it in your home furnishings! Marsala embodies both earthy richness and sophistication with its red-brown base. Used is a matte application, Marsala feels more organic and warm. Finished with a sheen, it exudes total luxury, glamor and sexiness. Used as an accent piece, like a great pop of color on a cheek, it can flatter almost any tone. Still a little nervous, try these color pairings:

For an organic look: go natural with varying shades of earthy greens and olives
For a complimentary look: Opt for lilacs and other shades of purple that will allow the eye to travel fluidly across the pallete.
Want to go bold: Mix it with strong blues that will emphasize Marsala’s darker earthy undertones and set the stage for the more vibrant hue.


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