Spring Lookbook: Primary Colors


Happy First Day of Spring! With snow still covering the ground in our Minnesota locations and rain threatening our Naples location, we are not quite feeling the effects of spring yet. That, however, does not mean we can’t dream about fresh flowers, non-frozen fruit, and sipping wine on the patio.

We are seeing a definite trend towards color for spring interiors. People are looking to accent neutrals and add some interest and personality into their spaces. Our furniture brands are starting to carry brighter and more colorful pieces and many of the fabrics that have arrived after Fall market are full of vibrant colors and patterns.

We decided to put together a look book** of our favorite spring pieces, focusing on the always classic primary colors. As you can see, color can be added to nearly every room. From a green desk to accent a masculine office, to yellow artwork perfect against a dark wall, to red chairs that would look great next to a neutral sofa- color can add punch to any space and create an eclectic vibe.

Spring is time to try something new- why not try adding some bright accents to your decor!

**Call any Traditions locations for pricing on individual items. 

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