Styling A Tray

Tray Styling

Trays are a great way to add some interest in hard-to-decorate corners and surfaces of your home and are an easy way to display your favorite accessories and collectibles. While styling a tray may seem easy, it is sometimes difficult to find the perfect mixture of pieces to look effortlessly styled as opposed to cluttered.

Here are some easy tips for creating a stylish vignette.

// Keep odd numbers. You want your tray to look effortless, not symmetrical. Keeping items to odd numbers helps with an easier vibe.

// Vary your heights. Make sure the objects aren’t all one height as varying heights draws the eye to the different objects and is more visually interesting.

//Add a pop of color with fresh flowers. A vase with colorful flowers is an easy way to make your house feel instantly guest-friendly.

// Make it personal. You don’t want it to look as if you bought a pre-styled tray off a showroom floor. Add some personal and conversation pieces to make it reflect your personality. Think a souvenir from a trip, your favorite candle, or a killer thrift-shop find.

// Get seasonal. Put out a pink candle for Valentines Day, some green flowers for St. Patrick’s Day, or a fun candy bowl for Halloween. Small touches make a big difference.

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